***UPDATED 2/22/08 A Little About Me

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Hi my name is Allison and I live in Connecticut.  If you are here then you probably found me through the WW Message Boards.

I have been on the WW program since September 26 2002. On October 21, 2004 I made LIFETIME! As of today I am still an active LIFETIME member, I still go to meetings and weigh in on a weekly basis.  I am now following the Flex program but eating mostly Core Foods. I found I need to keep track of my points to stay successful.

My husband Frank and I met on May 8, 1993, and have been married since August 19, 1995. We have 3 cats, 1 Tortoise and an American Bulldog. Frank collects antique american pottery, and has a great knowledge of military aircraft and trains. I collect dolls, disney, snowglobes, pill boxes, beanies & just about anything else that isn't nailed down.

**2/22/08** UPDATE

For those of you who have inquired as to why I have not updated my site, I have not gained my weight back and I don't go to the WW boards anymore for personal reasons.  It's simply that I don't have any time to do it.  I'm pretty busy at work and with my family.  I will try to get some pictures taken this weekend and update for you.